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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 2, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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have a good day. good morning, america. happening right now, a massive manhunt for three cop killers. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. s.w.a.t. teams go door to do searching for the suspects who gunned down the 32-year veteran and father of four. schools closed, residents to stay inside, an entire community on alert. new this morning, the gloves are off. jeb bush on the attack going after donald trump. calling him a bully. the fight getting personal and trump here live this morning responding only on "gma." taken hostage. the terrifying moments when a gunman walked into a classroom with a gun. >> i thought that it was my time. >> how this hero teacher got her students to remain calm and make a dramatic escape. it's an abc news exclusive. >> this morning -- >> welcome to "dancing with the stars." >> only on "gma," the entire
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together for the first time flying from l.a. to new york to be right here live. we'll reveal the blockbuster names joining the cast. and from derek to val, who they're dancing with. the big announcement you can only see here. and good morning, america. welcome to a big wednesday here on "gma." we are revealing the new season of "dancing with the stars" getting revved up. >> the entire cast revealed. looking forward to that. we want to begin with that manhunt. a desperate search this morning for three suspects in the murder of that illinois police officer and father. airspace above shut down as helicopters search for the killers. dozens of officers and federal agents joining the hunt. abc's gio benitez is on the scene in fox lake, illinois, good morning, gio. >> reporter: yeah, george, good morning to you. police setting up a perimeter for 14 hours tuesday searching for those three men, but now it all seems eerily quiet as police
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move. overnight, a desperate manhunt for three men who police say killed a decorated officer, s.w.a.t. teams on a roof, cops walking along railroad track, canine officers searching every inch of northern illinois. >> special attention, fox lake surrounding area units, officer man with a gun. >> reporter: just before 8 a.m. tuesday, lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz reported seeing three suspicious people in suburban fox lake, illinois, 5 55 miles north of chicago. he radioed in saying he was chasing the three men on foot. the only description we're told he gave, two white men and one black man. but then police lost contact. >> male white and a male black fled from scene taking the officer's sidearm and pepper spray, shots were fired. unknown direction of travel. >> reporter: backup arriving finding gliniewicz with a gunshot wound. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down.
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>> reporter: lieutenant gliniewicz, a 32-year veteran of fox lake police, our abc station in chicago, wls interviewing gliniewicz in 1994 about other officers rescuing little kids from a fire. >> officer bosstic stood right here. >> reporter: his colleagues calling him g.i. joe, a beloved figure in the community. a father of four boys. >> tonight not only did fox lake lose a family member, i lost a very dear friend. >> reporter: and we're told police are still out there searching for any clues. the school districts saying overnight they would be closing. a lot of these schools as a precaution for the safety of the children. we'll stay on this all morning long, lara. >> let's hope they find them. turning to that heat wave hitting millions, sizzling temperatures in the eastern half of the country, the worst not over yet and in texas, heavy rain, flash flooding in the forecast, ginger zee has it all
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for us this morning. good morning to you, ginger. >> the pictures coming in from galveston, texas, 4 to 4 1/2 inches of rain and cars bobbing in the street. see some of the video there. that same system that was drowning out brownsville the day before so wanted to show you what did causing that. it's the stagnant or almost stagnant very slow-moving upper level low pressure system stuck in place thanks to our pattern. a trough out west and that big ridge, east of the rockies that means heat and a lot of it. we will peak in the heat tomorrow on the east coast, 93, d.c. and much more coming up on this. we had our third shottest august on record, george and lara. >> wow, a hot day ahead. the race for president now, your voice, your vote and the gloves are off for jeb bush. launching an all-out assault on donald trump after weeks of attacks. trump is standing by live to respond. first let's get the latest from jon karl and jon, with trump still rising the bush camp
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making a big and possibly risky decision. >> reporter: big and risky but jeb bush is way down in the polls and clearly irritated by donald trump. in the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush, florida governor admits it's getting personal. >> it's all personal for him, sure. mischaracterry sayings of my views. >> reporter: bush is firing back not just in english but in spanish. accusing trump of vilifying anyone who disagrees with him. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: now the bush campaign is throwing trump's words right back at him. portraying the donald as no conservative. >> i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life, okay, so my views are different than if i lived in iowa. hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i'm a little biased because i've known her for years. >> reporter: trump hit right back with jeb's own words praising hillary. >> we recognize the commitment
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of someone who tweeted her life to public service and want to say thank you to secretary clinton and president clinton. >> reporter: the clinton campaign chimed in, no need to fight, guys. you both agree hillary was a great secretary of state. we get it. all three may have a larger problem. a new abc/"washington post" poll show americans have a negative view of all of them, 53% viewing clinton unfavorably, 55% and 59% for donald trump. those numbers are just another indication of how unusual this race is. you have hillary clinton and donald trump both the clear front-runners for their party's nominations and viewed unfavorably by a clear majority of voters. and, george, this is before all of those television attack ads that you know will come before tomorrow. >> this is just the beginning. okay, jon, thanks very much. to donald trump right now. still holding pretty commanding lead in the republican polls, national polls and iowa. mr. trump, thanks for joining us this morning.
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boy, you heard jeb bush yesterday. you're not a conservative, you're more democrat than republican. this is all personal. is he drawing blood? >> well, i think he had really no choice. he's doing very poorly in the polls. he's a very low energy kind of guy and he had to do something so they're spending a lot of money on ads and he has a lot of money from the hedge fund guys from the special interests from lobbyists, he raised over $100 million so they control him totally so he really had no choice, i think, george. he had to go out with an ad and did a very expensive ad and let's see what happens. so far everybody that's attacked me has gone down. >> he also shows you praising hillary clinton in the video. bottom line, who would be the better president obama, jeb bush or hillary clinton? >> well, i go with the republican. hillary was absolutely a horrendous secretary of state, probably the worst ever and i would have to go really with the republican. you know, i was obviously very friendly, i was a major business person.
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was very friendly with all politicians. if i'm in new york i was friendly with politicians throughout the united states. i was friendly -- that was my obligation. that was my job to do as what they just -- they turned me into a world class businessman so i had to get along with everybody. i got along with the clintons and everybody and it was important to do so, but now, you know, you look at jeb and see what he's doing and it's sort of an interesting thing and i think he probably had no choice. it's probably now going to stop because it seems to be backfiring on him based on the polls, seems to be somewhat backfiring on jeb. >> in the video it says -- showed you answering questions saying you have no idea why you're republican. how would you answer that today? why are you a republican? >> that was at a time when the republicans were not doing well and, frankly, they had some ideas that were different from my ideas and a lot of people felt that way and many republicans were saying we have no idea why we're republicans. the republicans were not doing well.
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>> but right now you say you are a republican. you are going to go with the republican nominee and heard you say that about jeb bush. what about ben carson? one poll shows him tied with you right now in iowa. others have you ahead still. what do you make of the threat posed by ben carson in iowa? >> well, i like ben a lot. he's a good guy but he's been spending a tremendous amount of advertising money in iowa and the one poll where we have a tie and the other one i'm leading by quite a bit in iowa, but one of them came out and a little bit surprisingly there was a tie and i think that's great. but ben is spending money in iowa and i'm not. i am out in iowa quite a bit and made speeches, quite a few of them and had a tremendous response and tremendous audiences but ben is spending a lot of money in iowa. >> you said you want to prohibit american companies like ford from building plants in mexico and complained about china eating our lunch. so will you disassociate yourself from every company that creates jobs -- >> i want to prohibit them but create jobs here.
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we need jobs in the united states, george. we don't need jobs in mexico. we don't need jobs in china. china is eating our lunch, mexico is eating our lunch. we need jobs here. we need plants built right here in the united states. we don't need them built in mexico. we don't need them built in china. that doesn't help us despite what some people will try and tell you that it does. believe me, it doesn't. i'll have jobs in the united states. i'm going to win the hispanic vote because i'm going to create jobs and i've already, if you look at polls with the hispanics i'm winning in many polls with hispanics which some people are surprised at. i'm not surprised at. >> but yes or no, will you dissociate from any companies or partners of yours that do business in china or mexico? >> i wouldn't do that. i want to do business with them. i'm a free trader. the problem with free trade you have to have smart leaders on our side. we do not have smart leaders. we do not have good negotiators. everything we negotiate is bad including the iran deal.
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that deal is one of the worst negotiated transactions i've ever witnessed in my entire life. it's negotiated by people that are either stupid, incompetent, there's something wrong a deal that's absolutely insane. so we have bad negotiators on that we have bad negotiators on trade. if i win we're going to turn it around and bring jobs back to this country and have a lot of convict instead of always losing. >> always opinionated donald trump, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> indeed, turning now to the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs defying the supreme court's ruling. after a tense standoff in the morehead courthouse on tuesday she's now facing a fine or even jail time. abc's alex perez is following it for us in kentucky. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning. the clock is ticking. a judge has given kim davis until the end of the day to respond to the court or risk being fined and held in contempt
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of court. >> you absolutely have disrespected us. >> reporter: a tense standoff caught on tape. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> under god's authority. >> reporter: kim davis, the clerk in rowan county refusing to issue any marriage licenses because of her religious objection to same-sex marriage. >> i simply told you all, i'm willing to face my consequences as you all will face yours when it comes time for judgment. >> we don't have consequences. i don't believe in judgment. >> not everyone believes what you believe. >> reporter: the couple, david moore and david ermold have been trying to get a license since june when the supreme court made it a right nationwide. they've been your honor it the around over and over. >> like i said we're still currently not issuing a license. >> this is our home. we should have the same rights as everybody else to walk into that office and get a marriage license. we're equal to everyone else. >> reporter: davis telling the court she is exercising her right to religious freedom but
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late monday the supreme court refusing to intervene on her behalf. >> would you do this to an interracial couple? >> a man and a woman, no. >> reporter: in a statement, davis saying "to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage with my name is fixed to the certificate would violate my conscience. it is not a light issue for me. it is a heaven or hell decision." >> she wants to be owe bead cent to her lord and she wants to be owe bead cent to what she believes. >> how long are you willing to keep trying? >> until it's done. >> reporter: and davis and her deputy clerks are set to appear in court to explain themselves tomorrow morning. lara. >> alex, thank you. we turn to amy with today's other top stories starting with your money and wall street. >> a lot of people are nervous about the stock market again after the worst start to september on wall street in 1 years. the dow plugging 470 points tuesday because of concern about a slowdown in manufacturing both here and in china. but some encouraging news overnight, stocks in asia
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bounced back late today after indications that china will intervene once again to boost the markets. falling oil prices are costing thousands of americans their jobs. conoco phillips cutting 10% of its workforce including hundreds of jobs in texas and alaska. and new details about the man killed by police in san antonio while apparently holding his hands up. according to police radio traffic, flores was armed with a knife and threatened suicide by cop before being shot. prosecutors say there is a second video of the incident but they are not releasing it. deputies will now wear body cameras. the u.s. is reportedly expanding the fight against isis in syria. "the washington post" saying the cia has launched a secret drone campaign to hunt down high-value targets. it says the program has already taken out several senior isis leaders. well, anger is erupting in central europe today as crowds of migrants fleeing violence in the middle east are being banned from traveling by train.
7:15 am
they're trying to reach germany in search of a better life but authorities say in hungary suspended rail traffic, european countries strongly disagree on how to handle this crisis. well, a former pro wrestling star now charged with murder. jimmy snuka is accused of beating his girlfriend in 1983 and leaving her to die. snuka has been allowed to post bail partly because of his stomach cancer surgery. well, some terrifying moments at a construction site in california. thankfully the worker here is okay climbing out of an underground vault when a steam pipe exploded. whoa. his co-workers quickly pulled him out saving him from serious burns. the video is at the center of a dispute over a hospital expansion project. and finally, the heat is on at the u.s. open. the courts have been so hot a dozen players so far have quit their matches. you know what, instead of throwing in your towel, how
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yep, that's what nick kyrgios decided to do, took a break, tilted his head back and dozed off. he's well known for his on-court antics but the nap obviously refreshed him because he won the next set before ultimately losing to andy murray. >> i was there. i watched him do it. >> was he like r.e.m., deep slope. >> no, more for performance. >> a little inner peace. >> meditating. >> i'll bet you he probably was. thank you. here now a new warning about the dangers of powdered caffeine. one teaspoon is as powerful as 28 couples of coffee. that health alert in just 30 seconds. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a life-saving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens get a shot, give a shot program has helped provide 7 million vaccines.
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make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens, at the corner of happy & healthy. >> now to that fda crackdown on powdered caffeine. abc's david kerley in silver spring, maryland, with the details. good morning. >> reporter: two deaths already, the government is worried about more. so this morning a warning to five online companies and already that warning is having an effect. this morning warning letters sent to five producers of powdered caffeine from the fda stating that it is potentially dangerous and presents significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury. too much caffeine can cause erratic heartbeats, seizures, even death but it's increasingly popular with young athletes like 18-year-old logan steiner who died just two weeks before his high school graduation after using just one teaspoon. but one teaspoon equals 28 couples of coffee.
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>> who would think caffeine is broken down into such an amazingly deadly, lethal weapon. >> it is poison in a jar, plain and simple. it needs to be done and rid of, just get rid of it. >> reporter: the fda claims safe amounts of the powder, 1/16 of a teaspoon are too small to measure. it's sold online. some in 3.5-ounce packages, the equivalent of 1250 red bulls or 3,000 cans of coca-cola. the fda demanding the companies respond in 15 days but 3 of the 5 are telling abc news and other outlets they are getting out of the business. they will no longer offer pure caffeine powder supplements. there are two other companies that we've asked for a response, will they continue to sell it? they did not respond. this is a supplement so the fda can't ban it but, george and lara, they say they'll keep the pressure on those two other companies. >> a lot of scary information, thanks. a lot more ahead on "gma," the doctor whose patients
7:19 am
overdosed charged with murder after writing the prescriptions. it could set a new precedent for doctors everywhere. the great white warning. take a look at that shark jumping out of the water. a new alert as millions get ready to hit the shore forle holiday weekend. our big "dancing with the stars" revealed. bindi irwin and the team flying all night to get here. the entire cast join us this morning and we have four mystery stars revealed.
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still have red flag warnings, good morning. wednesday, september 2nd. breaking, major delays on the long island railroad. heather o'rourke has details on how it will affect the morning commute. >> that's right. heavy delays long island railroad westbound trains have up to 60-minute delays because of signal problems. amtrak problems in one of the east river tunnels. you have limited service in and out of penn result. metro north, new jersey transit is doing fine. if you are a long island railroad commuter, you can go to the 2, 3, 7 or e trains. they will cross honor long island railroad fairs. long island expressway westbound has picked up a lot of alternate volume. you can see the delays coming up. nassau into queens. people are opting to use cars instead. we have street cleaning rules in effect. lori, over to you. >> heather, thank you. let's check in with meteorologist amy freeze with
7:25 am
the accuweather forecast. >> another hot one. we are at 75 already. we are going to be climbing from there. the temperatures will not be the only issue. the comfort factor of the high humidity comes into play today. balmy at the bus stop for those going back to school. tomorrow we are hotter with extreme heat and 93 expected. that is the peek of it then the cold front that will bring relief. a look into the big holiday labor day forecast. lori? >> all right. 7:25.
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we will take a break. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'. dunkin' donuts' dark roast coffee is deliciously roasted for a bold start and smooth finish. for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. breaking news in new jersey. three members of one family are dead and a fourth in critical condition after a house fire on the jersey shore. firefighters in long branch say the home on jolene avenue was fully involved when they arrived about midnight. the cause of the fire is being
7:27 am
investigated. two suffolk police officers are among four people hurt in a chain reaction crash in hauppauge. the officers pulled over a car last night. a third car rear ended the police cruiser causing it to hit the first car. two people in that car are in the hospital with serious injuries. the officers were treated and released. the driver of the third car is under arrest. a woman that managed to slip away from police after he was taken to a manhattan overnight. tive fab any new man escaped from officers sunday at new york presbyterian hospital. from there police say she went bar hopping and stole a credit card and phone. we are weeks away from the pope's visit to new york. we get a first look at the chair he will be using as he square garden.
7:28 am
the pope will lead a procession through central park on friday the 25th before celebrating mass that night at the garden. coming up on "good morning america," an exclusive interview with the two west virginia teachers that miraculously saved their students from an armed student in the classroom. their story is next only on "good morning america." that will do it for us. er back in a half hour with [sounds of tennis racketsswinging and hitting tennis bal] c'mon! [crowd cheering] [sound of tennis racket swinging] [crowd cheering]
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[explosion of fireworks] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering]
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good morning, america. right now, desperate search still under way for the three men suspected of killing a decorated illinois police officer. the 30-year veteran killed early tuesday morning. schools in the area are closed. also happening right now federal agents have arrested nearly 100 people in a nationwide steroid crackdown shutting down 16 underground labs, operation cyberjuice targeted illegal steroids made with chemicals bought in china. a trailer released for the new will smith movie about to put a new spotlight on the nfl over concussions raising questions about how well the league took care of it's players. good morning, america. so much coming up on this wednesday morning including our giant "dancing with the stars" celebration. gary busey announced in a very strange way that he's joining the cast. not surprising. >> what's strange about that? >> what could be the problem? a sampling of what you could look forward to. that was jimmy kimmel last night showed up in sequins on horseback.
7:31 am
duh. more from him coming up and our full cast reveal. the countdown is on. i know you can't wait. right to you to that landmark case in california where a doctor is on trial for murder accused of killing three patients who overdosed on powerful painkillers she prescribed. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: officials say dr. tseng was aware her patients were misusing those prescriptions one even overdosing in her office and several dying. now she's facing criminal charges in a case that could change the way doctors all over the country handle prescriptions. she's the doctor accused of killing patients with prescriptions. >> the defendant repeatedly had patients overdose and die. >> reporter: this morning, dr. lisa tseng facing second degree murder charges for the deaths of three patients, all in their 20s who allegedly overdosed on drugs she prescribed. in opening statements, prosecutors saying even though
7:32 am
a dozen times her patients were overdosing, she kept prescribing powerful painkillers like oxycontin to the point of recklessness but the defense says dr. tseng is not guilty, that she's a hard working mother who never meant to hurt anyone. adding the victims are ultimately responsible for taking more than the prescribed dosage and mixing pills with alcohol. >> she wasn't a perfect doctor, but these patients took a lot into their own hands. they mixed alcohol. they mixed other drugs. >> reporter: three pharmacists taking the stand tuesday all three testifying the prescriptions written by dr. tseng and the patients filling those prescriptions raised red flags. >> the quantities were large. >> and that person would seem intoxicated or seem under the influence of drugs. >> reporter: though rare more doctors are facing these kinds of charges.
7:33 am
convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving michael jackson a deadly dose of the anesthetic propose follow. now some legal experts say cases like tseng's could set a new precedent. >> doctors could be held accountable if those patients abuse that medication. >> reporter: something the families of dr. tseng's patients hope can help save others. >> i don't want anybody else to lose their lives because of irresponsible prescribing. >> reporter: tseng is also charged with several felony counts of prescribing drugs to patients that didn't ultimately need them. this will be a long trial expected to last several months. if convicted on all counts tseng could face 45 years to life in prison. lara. >> all right, mara, thank you. turning to that movie about the potential danger of football. the film "concussion" stars will smith and is based on the true story of the doctor who discovered a brain disease found in former player. ryan smith has the story.
7:34 am
year of domestic violence and deflated footballs this set for christmas day could provide a prior controversy. concussions from some of the game's big hits. >> i found a disease that one has ever seen. >> reporter: this morning the national football league facing another wave of attention for its ongoing problems. >> repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> reporter: sony releasing the trailer for its new movie "concussion" set for release christmas day features megastar will smith as dr. bennet omalu who discovered the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte in the brains of former football players and his effort to warn nfl's top dogs in going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week. >> reporter: the disease which can be diagnosed only after death discovered in players like junior seau who took his own life.
7:35 am
>> bisqueasically a two-hour tutorial on concussions and the nfl can't pretend it doesn't exist. >> reporter: the film's trailer suggesting the nfl didn't want to face the disease. >> the nfl does not want to talk to you. you've turned on their lives and given their biggest beingnyman a name. >> something the real dr. omalu discussed with abc news in 2013. >> most of these sports organizations did not embrace it. we were somewhat in a phase of denial. >> reporter: but the nfl who recently agreed to a settlement plan for thousands of retired players who suffered concussions and other serious ailments during their career which could cost them a billion dollars wouldn't comment on the film, but told us "we all know more about this issue than we did 10 or 20 years ago" and adding "we are encouraged by the ongoing focus on the issue of player health and safety. we have no higher priority." a "new york times" report tuesday saying e-mails from the sony hacking scandal indicate
7:36 am
the studio softened certain aspects to not run afoul of the league. one e-mail claiming they would work with nfl consultants on messaging to avoid conflict with the league. but the film's writer reportedly saying in an interview, filmmakers weren't watering down the film but instead trying to make it as accurate as possible. now, experts say concussions are a concern on every level of the sport. head injury fears contributing to a drop of pop warner players and spurring a san francisco 49er chris borland to walk away from a multimillion dollar contract but this art imitating life could create more problems for the nfl. >> certainly going to keep the debate going. >> thanks, ryan. coming up, an abc news exclusive. the hero teacher who talked down a gunman as he held her high school class hostage. now speaking out about those terrifying moments. >> he pulled out a gun and pointed it to my head and told
7:37 am
and that other people were going to too. >> what she told the gunman as she tried to keep her students safe coming up.s have a spark inside. to be makers, creators, to inspire beauty and harmony in our homes. because diy is in our dna. and now we can paint our way to perfection without nicks, peels, chips, or regrets. so with buckets out brushes loaded-get in there. let color flow from room to beckoning room. be a maker. be bold. and paint on.
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7:41. back with that hero teacher in west virginia. her calm, quick thinking saved lives when an armed student held her classroom hostage and this morning we're hearing from twila smith for the first time. t.j. holmes brings it to us from philippi, west virginia. good morning. >> reporter: scary to think how close we came to reporting from here as a site of another national tragedy. instead it's the site of one remarkable teacher's greatest triumph. the day she got her class out of a hostage situation alive. twila smith says nothing in her 30 years of teaching quite prepared her for the day a student would walk into her classroom and put a gun to her head. >> i've thought that it was my time.
7:42 am
>> reporter: it was just nine days into the new school year when phillip barbour high school goes on lockdown. >> we have a hostage situation, second floor. hostage situation. >> reporter: the hostages, police say, smith and her sixth period world studies students held at gunpoint from a 14-year-old freshman. >> he said he was going to kill people and himself and there were times that he would actually hole the gun to himself but briefly and then he would -- he put it on about six students but a lot of the beginning of the time it was on me. >> reporter: smith says the gunman ordered her to cover the window of the classroom door. since no one passing by in the hallway could see what was happening inside smith and her students spent the entire period trapped with a gunman. you all were in there alone in a crowded school but nobody knows what's going on. >> about 29 students and myself, about 20, 28 or 29 students.
7:43 am
>> reporter: with a kid with a gun. what were you in there talking about? >> i just kept asking him to let everybody leave and he and i would stay. anything i could think of. just telling him that he hadn't gone too far. >> reporter: when the bell rang, other students began knocking on the door. >> in my mind that nobody else was coming in the room. >> reporter: but smith turned the incoming students back and signaled another teacher jen swift who came over and took one step inside the classroom. >> maybe someone was in trouble. just seemed something petty and he was standing by the bulletin board with the gun raised towards my head and said you can get in here too. >> reporter: swift ran and called for help. the school was evacuated. police and the boy's pastor able to convince him to let the hostages go. >> i did look at him. i think in my mind i said it's going to be okay but i can't say for sure. but i just wanted him to go with us. >> reporter: smith is credited with keeping her cool, keeping the gunman call and saving lives. even when you thought you were
7:44 am
going to get killed, you were still trying to protect your students. >> i'm in charge of them. when they're in my watch and i hope when my kids went to school the other people felt that way too. i mean, when they walk in here we're protecting -- we're supposed to teach them and we're supposed to take care of them. >> reporter: but for her the kids are the real heroes. >> i can't say enough about these kids. i have never seen bravery like this in my life. >> reporter: well, the student, a 14-year-old now facing some 30 charges reeled to the incident but, george, the teachers want to tell their story and get this out and the message that young teachers especially to be trained and ready for these type of scenarios because it's unfortunate this is the sad, new reality. this is part of a teacher's job description. >> you saw how it saved lives. she talked about the students ale well, the bravery but this is such a trauma. how are those students doing right now? >> reporter: they're doing well now. this happened a week and a half ago but the students, some of
7:45 am
went back to that same classroom the next day. they opted to. she didn't take the day off because she knew they would be there. if they can be brave and be there, so can i she said. the big warning before you hit the beach this weekend. sharks spotted off the coast. the thing that could be drawing them close to shore. mother nature can turn in an instant; don't turn back. introducing the new 2016 ford explorer. be unstoppable.
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7:49 am
we are back now with an alert for anybody headed to the beach this holiday weekend. so many shark sightings, so many encounters this summer and this morning, yes, we have a new warning. abc's david wright has it. >> reporter: this morning, just before labor day new footage captures three great whites off the coast of cape cod. >> we've already seen as many sharks this year as we did last year. >> reporter: in the past, just one sighting was enough to threaten to close the beaches. marine biologists are tracking nearly two dozen of them along a ten-mile stretch along the coast of cape cod on monday alone. just a few weeks ago the atlantic white shark conservancy captured this extraordinary scene, a hungry great white breaching to try to catch a breaching seal. that's never been seen before. >> seals are right along the shoreline which, of course, would draw the sharks in very, very close.
7:50 am
>> reporter: with the holiday weekend approaching, lifeguards are now calling for higher towers, purple watch flags, possibly even a spotter plane to keep an eye out for the great whites. knock on wood there have been no shark attacks yet this summer on the cape. the beaches are open for labor day. >> they're fun to look at from the shore. i wouldn't get any closer than i had to for sure. >> reporter: but swimmers, beware. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> moral of the story, if you see a seal -- >> thanks, david. still coming up on "gma" our giant "dancing with the stars" party just getting started. the all-star cast is here. we've got a big reveal. i just spotted tom bergeron, the mystery stars joining the season on "gma." no, i'm doing the whole living room. hey you guys should come over later. the exclusive one-coat color collection from behr marquee interior. every color covers in one coat, guaranteed.
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7:54 am
welcome back on a wednesday morning. just mess remember rising pictures out of hawaii, the surf so high on what's been a slow summer surwise so far is because of this, very active pacific ocean, ignacio, just a tropical storm far away but still 12 to
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by famous footwear.
7:56 am
the whole family. good morning. wednesday, september 2nd. breaking at this hour, the dreadful commute on the long island railroad is getting worse. let's check in with heather o'rourke. >> we have long island railroad service completely suspended both ways in and out of new york penn station. you have westbound service terminating at jamaica on the main line and at woodside on the port washington branch or diverted into atlantic terminal. the other choice would be to use the following subway lines, 2, 3, 7 and e trains cross honoring long island railroad fares and l.i.e. westbound picking up volume. expect delays cross island into the l.i.e. with police activity. street cleaning rules in effect. lori, over to you. >> let's check in with meteorologist amy freeze. it's going to be another hot one. we are going for a high of 90. an official heat wave underway
7:57 am
tonight the temperatures fall off in the mid-70s. muggy overnight. that gives us a head tort stay temperatures tomorrow, 93 expected. peak of the heat. 80s into the labor day forecast. a man accused of rape and murder in north carolina is in police custody in new york city. 21-year-old kendrick gregory was arrested in downtown brooklyn after police tracked him down driving a stolen car. police say they found these two guns in the car and identified him as a suspect in an intense manhunt in north carolina. gregory is accused of opening fire during two robberies on monday killing one person. police say he raped a 15-year- old girl. long island man is facing arraignment for shooting a construction worker with a pellet gun. police say he shot the man in the back from the home on frederick avenue. the suspect was reportedly annoyed with the construction
7:58 am
he is now facing assault and weapons charges. that will do it for us. on "good morning america," the full cast of the next season of join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv
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never been in love before good morning, america. 8 a.m. and the post-breakup phenomenon that's a social sensation. the divorce selfie. so is there a silver lining when it comes to splitting up? tonight's the night let's live it up new overnight she said yes. 5 million views of one marine's invitation to ronda rousey to go to marine corps ball. her hilarious response this morning. are your kids' old toys worth big bucks. >> $200. >> almost $2,000. the toy hunter on the chase revealing where the hone could be hiding in your house. shut up and dance with me are you ready for the sizzling new season of "dancing with the stars"? the entire cast flying cross country to take over times square live. from the first married couple to ever compete to nick, gary, hayes, victor, andy and chaka
8:01 am
khan and wait till you see what happened when bindi met her partner. more blockbuster names revealed this morning including an american hero. the big announcement just moments away as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! >> tom bergeron's voice right there with the new cast revealed this morning on "gma" and having fun out there in times square. victor espinoza. >> i just want to say, chaka khan, chaka khan. so excited to count down to our big reveal. there she is. the four blockbuster mystery stars we'll have getting ready to hit the ballroom. who are they? little clue there in silhouette. >> ooh that is all coming up but now amy has to dance over.
8:02 am
she's so entranced by those mess tri guests she couldn't get over for the morning rundown. >> trying to figure out the silhouettes. i forgot to come over to the news desk. thanks for stalling for me. good morning to everyone. the big story, urgent manhunt for those three accused cop killers searching in fox lake, illinois. local schools closed and residents told it stay indoors. the suspects are wanted in the shooting death of lieutenant charles charles joseph gliniewicz, a 32-year police veteran and weeks away from retirement, father of four pursuing the suspects tuesday when he was shot and killed. president obama is making history today becoming the first president to visit alaska's arctic. he is wrapping up his tour of the state by visits natives whose way of life is threatened by climate change and tour some of the remote villages whose existence is in jeopardy because of melting ice with some entire villages sinking. well, an irish nanny accused of murdering a toddler in the
8:03 am
boston area is back home this morning after a long ordeal that finally ended with the murder charge being dropped. abc's reena ninan has that story. >> reporter: with her self-proclaimed worst nightmare behindary her aisling mccarthy returned home. authorities now say the irish nanny did not kill 1-year-old rehma sabir. >> she's thankful to the medical examiner's office for doing this rereview. >> reporter: mccarthy accused of murdering the toddler in 2013. the prosecutors say after reviewing the evidence, they found it wasn't their original theory of shaken baby syndrome that killed rehma but rather the little girl had some type of disorder not able to be completely diagnosed prior to her death. the sabir family could not be reached for comment. mccarthy, a nanny for ten years prior to working for the sabirs told the boston herald she loved the little girl and that her
8:04 am
be ashamed of themselves. >> she has to now try to rebuild her reputation. >> for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. the writer of the new james bond novel apologizing for saying actor idris elba is, quote, too street to play the iconic role of bond. critics claim it's code for too black but the writer insists his comment had nothing to do with the actor's race. and finally a dream date for a u.s. marine. who did he have in mind? you can tell from the picture right there. mixed martial arts star ronda rousey, of course, the ufc champ known for winning fights in astley as 14 seconds even that did not intimidate this marine who asked rousey to the marine ball in this video going viral. >> i love everything you do and i think that you are a phenomenal person. which is why it would be my honor to take you to the marine corps ball on december 11th.
8:05 am
>> after seeing that ronda said yes, even called him cute. she has one catch, though, he has to find dates for her three friends. she wants to have a quadruple date so he's got work cut out for him. i'm sure he'll figure that out. >> something tells me mission accomplished. >> it is. who is lurking behind you over there? >> i'm lurking. i'm lurking. i'm carrying the ball of mirrors. by the way, i have something in common with ronda rousey i found out. i've done things in as little as 14 seconds myself. >> oh, no. >> tom. >> yes, he did. >> started off with a bang. we'll be right back. >> really, george. >> i'm just saying. >> let's go to commercial. >> seven-second delay, please. and you and me. no matter how they tossed the dice. it had to be. the only one for me is you. and you for me. so happy together! now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another.
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now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." in our "heat index," the new divorce selfie that has people smiling. is it proving there's a silver lining to breaking up? secret cash stash in your toy bin. which of your childhood favorites could make you big bucks plus the toys you should start investing in now. plus our huge "dancing with the stars" reveal. the mystery cast members taking on the dance floor. tom bergeron and the mirror ball trophy coming up live on "gma" in times square. hi. >> hi. how are you? >> i was doing my dip, nae nae, dip, nae nae. >> oh, very good. brought to you by centrum multi multigummies.
8:09 am
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you got a masterpiece...yeah we start with fresh milk from us dairy farms so you can make something amazing kraft natural cheese chico doesn't know the name of his favorite brand; bailey doesn't know that you tried 8 different flavors until you found exactly the one she loves. all they know is, dinner time with you... is the best time of the day! at petsmart, we carry a wide selection of brands & flavors like beneful , beyond and purina one so you can find your pet's favorite. and if you find a lower price anywhere else, we'll match it! save up to $6 on select bags of your pet's favorite dog and cat food. fill your pet with love! petsmart . welcome back to "gma." time now for "heat index" and this morning's hot button, the divorce selfie. i guess it's a new way cups are announcing their split doing it
8:11 am
with smiles. sara, you're explain it to us. >> we mark all the big events in our lives but no one was expecting divorces. take a look. it's the post-breakup phenomenon taking social media by storm. divorcees ditching their marriage and saying "i do" to divorce selfies finding a silver lining in splitsville by turning a heartbreaking situation into a fun photo-op. >> a light-hearted way to announce your divorce in one shot and also let people know that they don't have to feel awkward around you. >> reporter: this is florida couple keith hindson and michelle knight on their wedding day. fast forward three years, they're happily divorced. >> the most applicable, easy-going divorce in history. >> reporter: the exes stealing the deal with a selfie outside the courtroom. >> she said, hey, do you want to take a selfie as a joke. i said, why not. >> reporter: hindson sharing
8:12 am
caption "here's to the most friendly, respectful and loving split imaginable." the response? >> 99% positive. we're celebrating the fact that we can move forward. >> reporter: but keith and michele not the only ones showing divorce can have a happy ending. canadian couple shannon and chris newman declaring their 11-year marriage officially over by snapping a selfie outside this calgary courthouse thursday. >> we kind of high-fived and did a selfie and went on our way. >> reporter: in just a matter of days, the candid photos gone viral. shared on facebook a whopping 36,000 times and counting. >> it shocked me that other people were responding to it. >> reporter: shannon hopes her kids will appreciate it too when they're older. >> i think that they'll recognize that we love them. we'll always work really hard to be -- this makes me cry -- to be their parents. >> reporter: these selfies proving divorce doesn't have to be ugly.
8:13 am
now, one couple posted we're not smiling because it's over, we're spying because it happened so -- >> i like the commitment to keeping it friendly. >> most of them it's for kid, they say so -- >> all right. well, thank you, sara. let's move on now to our series called secret cash stash. this morning we're talking toys. we all have our favorites from childhood but how can you tell the difference between a collectible you can turn into cash from something you might want to put in the trash? abc's becky worley set out to find out. >> reporter: dave peron from bergenfield, new jersey grew up in the '70s and cleaning out his parents' garage took him straight back in time. >> pretty much every single toy i this is still here. >> reporter: but are such recent toys actually worth anything? enter jordan hembrough, the toy hunter. >> it's a better investment than the stock market because toys go up in value. >> reporter: he says toys stir up nostalgia.
8:14 am
>> wow, okay, boba fett. take "star wars." star wars >> wow! wait a minute. this is cool. these old retro t-shirts. >> reporter: and big franchises like "star wars," my little pony and even strawberry shortcake are coming back and that bumps up the value of the old stuff. >> but all the numbers, 10, 20, $15, all adds up. i think the whole box is about $100. next working toys, especially the sounds. they trigger our emotions and get people to open their wallets. okay, then the no stamg ya, galaxia was my favorite arcade game and it works. >> worth 50 to $75. >> reporter: for dave these are treasured memories. >> i bought that in disney world in 1979. we still have the price tag on it. >> in 1979? >> reporter: that investment paid off. >> the jackpot. you've got all these beautiful disney figurines. these were bought at the park. >> yep. >> a beautiful, beautiful set.
8:15 am
>> so total number on all of these toy, what's your estimate? >> i would say on everything, probably about $1900. almost 2,000. >> amazing. >> for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, new york. >> there really is money there. joining us now jordan hembrough so let's start with something we know near and dear to george's heart. your favorite. i look at you staring lovingly at rock' em, sock' em. >> if you had them in the box talking about 175 and actually surprise, lara and i are actually giving this to you when we leave. a gift for you. >> thank you. what a great gift. >> so, yeah, you heard me $165. >> there you go. no, it's a gift. the box is critical. we were saying in the piece it is important to have that original condition. >> box is great and try to keep all the components and everything. the big thing with toys always pop culture. the pop culture aspect everyone is going for. go for characters that you know and love that have been around
8:16 am
for years. this batman equipment set was 20 years old. it's going for now $15,000. >> oh, my goodness. >> did view that one, george? >> i had the belt. >> freddie. >> rare batman, rare "star wars," that one goes for 15,000. about four known in the world. >> just this one. >> this one here. >> this one goes for 15,000. >> super rare, less than 50 known. >> why is it so rare. >> so little of them and new stuff you can find in the toy market. >> what are the characters today we should be looking for. >> here's stuff that can always go well. lego. one of the number one properties today on the market, lego corporation is always a solid investment. go for the licensed play sets. this one right here is a company called monster high done by mattel and these things go for $24 at market and go upwards of 150 once they're retired. >> let me ask you, kids want >> play with them. save the box, put them back when
8:17 am
money there, okay. finally these guys, i love them out of washington, funco corporation, small little collectible urban vinyl dolls, they retail for $11.99. once they're retired they can go for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. >> that's what i heard about my beanie babies. still waiting, jordan. >> i know. it's great stuff. there's money to be found out there so just keep looking and collect what you love. that's the important thing. >> that's why i brake for yard sales. thank you so much, jordan. ginger has tips on the weather. >> i do and what a crowd, so much excitement. this young lady said i have to be on tv. what's your name. >> gabby. >> well, gabby, you've done it. america."
8:18 am
>> way too much fun out here. george, i know you've got more. >> thank you. "dancing with the stars" is taking over times square shaping up to be a great season. lots of stars have already been revealed but the final four under wraps. we're going to reveal them right here this morning. first tom bergeron brings us a preview of what's to come.
8:19 am
>> it's that time again. we're kicking off the latest season of "dancing with the stars." you already know what it is >> and we're watching season 21 celebrates are sky high literally. >> so exciting. >> reporter: flying cross country with wheels up. who paid to fly many of our contestants to new york. >> i'm excited to go to new york and fly with wheels up because i'm ready to kick some butt. see ya. >> reporter: from l.a. to new york. >> to new york. >> reporter: all for "gma's" live reveal. >> we're here! yes, new york. >> reporter: of the star-studded lineup. backstreets back all right >> reporter: back street boy nick carter is back. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: wildlife warrior bindi irwin is ready to take on a new challenge. chaka khan chaka khan >> reporter: and we're feeling chaka khan.
8:20 am
>> reporter: honey he's good andy grammer graced the ballroom before as a singer. how will he fare once his dancing shoes are on? and oscar nominated actor gary busey, might he be the season's dark horse? >> what made you decide to do it. >> i didn't have anything else to do. >> very good. this is gary busey, everybody. >> reporter: vine star hayes grier has millions of followers but will that be enough to get the viewers' votes? >> american pharoah has won the triple crown. >> reporter: jockey victor espinoza won the triple crown with his famous horse american pharoah but will he be crowned the pharaoh of the ballroom and "nashville" act alexa penavega, can she take on the judges or even her husband, carlos penavega, the first parrymarried
8:21 am
with the stars." the stars here live this morning and we can't stop watching. >> tom bergeron right now here brought most of the cast of "dancing with the stars" with him. we want to meet them. >> let's welcome chaka, carlos, alexa, victor, bindi and our pro, come on in here, val, val and louis. thank you so much, tony, keo and lindsey, come on over, grab a seat. >> there's my man. >> all right. let's start with bindi. you were just on our show, so great to see you and on the show, george, i don't know if you remember, bindi said the judges scared her, tom, more than crocodiles. >> it's true. >> really? >> it's true. you know, i think i'd rather take on a 15-foot crocodile
8:22 am
so amazing and you're truly -- you know exactly what you're talking about. i want to do a good job so i want to do the best job i possibly can and i am not used to any of this. i'm used to crock dies? we believe you. >> so crocodiles are way less scary. you though how they work. the judges -- >> i believe she believes it. i'm not convinced yet though. carlos and alexa, this is something brand new for "dancing with the stars." married couple. competing. has your family started to choose sides yet? >> oh, yeah. no, i don't know. i mean for us we want to work really, really hard. such a blessing and we've never done any kind of dancing before. >> so we'll let them decide. >> yeah. so i don't even think they know what we're capable. we don't know. we'll see what happens. >> are you guys competitive? >> i mean, a little bit. >> okay, you know, i didn't think he was competitive until we were -- i was showing him some video footage of what we were learning and suddenly he
8:23 am
>> she's good. she's good. >> no, no, no, i'm learning but you were funny. >> i can see -- i think this is going to get -- i like it. i want to ask chaka, great to see you. i'm hoping you will wear some of those killer looks you've been showing on instagram. are you going for sort of that vibe for us. >> i'll be having some other costuming, i'm sure, but those are discuss my practice clothes. >> warmed up. practice clothing. tom, hands full there. >> oh, yeah. in many ways with this cast, it's going to be what i love most about live television. it really is. that unpredictable nature. yeah. i just -- one shot of gary busey and i know i'm going to earn my money this season. >> absolutely. >> so, you're coming off an amazing year, the triple crown. what made you jump to dancing? >> different. i like challenge. i like speed.
8:24 am
and i want to learn something that i never learned before, some of the moves that i always had like in my mind that i want to learn and it's all about like speed and just feel that i can reach somebody on a lynch level. >> we'll talk to hayes in a second but, tom, we have to get to the mystery guests now. >> absolutely. we'll start to reveal who did behind the scrim. this reality tar definitely won'ten tardy for the party but will she be dazzling on the dance floor? here is kim solciak. >> there she is. >> hi. >> hi. >> how are you? >> how are you doing. >> i'm good. >> so tom just said it tardy for the party. do you think you'll dance to that? will that be your song? >> maybe. you'll have to see. >> do you already have something in mind, i can tell.
8:25 am
>> ooh, a wink. the woman means business, tom. >> oh, yeah. >> hey, will we get a lot of vines from the practice room? >> yes. >> yeah, there's going to be some vines for sure. >> is it true you're having trouble dancing in more than seven-second intervals. >> we go seven seconds and stop like a 30-minute break. >> that should work well. >> i'm excite the for it. >> we got all the pros here, as well and talk to you guys coming up in our next half hour and learn about the pairings, as well, a lot coming up on "dancing with the stars." premieres monday, september 14th right here on abc. and we have a lot more ahead including the final three contestants revealed. we'll tell you who they're partnering with still ahead.
8:26 am
yes. good morning. 8:27 wednesday, september 2nd. breaking now, eyewitness news has just learned a fourth person has died in the overnight fire in long branch, new jersey. prosecutors say they do not believe the fire was accidental. the victims are believed to be a family of two adults and two children. authorities say the fire started around midnight. the victims were found inside the home on jolene avenue. the cause of the fire is under investigation. stay with eyewitness news and abc7ny for continuous updates. serious troubles still affecting long island railroad commuters. several people tweeting about their delays sitting on the train. we understand now that -- one person has minutes. that person tweeting. her name is sade. heather o'rourke has the latest. >> reporter: all long island
8:27 am
railroad service is terminated in and out of penn station because of the signal troubles. westbound trains terminate jamaica or woodside. then we have westbound sides terminated or diverted into atlantic terminal as a result. so, the 2, 3 and 7 and e trains will cross honor long island railroad tickets. we have a big problem on the cross island parkway south of northern boulevard, ongoing police activity. two lanes are closed down as a result. we do have alternate side of the street parking rules in
8:28 am
>> thank you, heather. meteorologist amy freeze with the accuweather forecast. >> ken, it's already warm outside. temperatures in the mid-70s. it's muggy. the humidity will continue to increase throughout the day. 78 degrees. we should have no trouble getting back to 90 degrees after the second official heat wave of the season. it's not over yet. visibility is reduced in some spots especially down the jersey shore and long island. be aware of that if you are traveling. that will burn off. filtered sunshine through the afternoon. we go from 93 tomorrow to a cold front coming through and clearing the atmosphere out, sort of cooling us down for friday and saturday. we will be in the low to mid- 80s. the heat is back for sunday, a high of 88. monday 89 degrees. labor day is looking good. the entire stretch is looking summer-like, ken. >> thank you so. , amy. that is the news for now. "live with kelly and michael" at 9:00 a.m. in the meantime, more of "good
8:29 am
channel 7. have a great day. now watch me nae nae okay now watch me whip watch me nae nae >> there they are, our pros warming up the crowd here in times square as you're learning a lot more about the new season having fun. >> future pros there. they are doing the whip and the nae nae, of course. of course, i knew that. what an exciting morning. us. tom bergeron. you called victor a pharaoh. >> of course, he rode american pharoah. >> of course. and we got some more reveals of cast members. >> we do, indeed. would you like me to get right to that. >> let's get right to it. >> do we want to do that or -- >> do whatever you want. i.d. your show. i'm just a squatter. >> you pick. >> i think you should go. >> we have another reality tv star, this one keeps it all in the family.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] come on out, tamar. and we also have a celebrity chef. how will she go from baking to the ballroom? give it up for paula deen. >> paula deen. whoa! tonight's going to be a good night that tonight's going to be a good good night >> hey, lara, hey, george. how are you? >> you look beautiful, by the way. >> thank you. >> you're sisters. have they given advice on how to handle the rivalries in the ballroom. >> this is the reveal. i haven't told them yet. >> they did not know. >> no, i didn't tell them. >> they know now. hi, girls. >> surprise. >> check her phone right now. they're coming in already. and, paula, i got to ask you, you've had a tough couple years
8:31 am
hello, sorry. you had a tough couple years. what are you hoping to get out of "dancing with the stars"? >> i hope to get out of it? well, george, i'll tell you like this, there's several things but this is the first time in a few years that i felt like my weight would allow me to participate and i've been very busy with my new cookbook "paula deen cuts the fat." i have been eating that way for two years and that's kind of got me ready and what i hope i'm going to get out of this is a bunch of new friends and maybe lose some weight and a little better body. >> we got a lot of answers there. we don't know the pairings yet but we have a lot of the pros. >> the friends, the friends are like, see, i know him but i don't know him. >> you're pointing to sval. >> you don't know who your partner is. >> i feel like i know him. i feel like i know them so i'm
8:32 am
getting excited about really getting to know them. >> i guess val is getting excited as well. you have a big job ahead going for two in a row. >> yeah, like you said, i'm excited. >> i can't cheat. this is -- i can't cheat with another man. >> that's okay. we'll share. we'll share. >> paula, you are just floating straight out. >> what do they say? you know i'm the roof that means there's no fire in the furnace or something like that. >> lindsey. >> cut the fat together. >> we'll cut the fat. >> for sure. >> gary busey isn't going to be my major problem. >> what, tom. >> nothing. >> lindsey, you're back. i know you were on a previous season. back again and just marryied. congratulations. >> i'm so happy to be back and just ready to get started. so excited. >> i'm happy to see you, as well. >> what do you think about this
8:33 am
do we have a lot of talent. >> just looking around like personalitywise we're set. we've got a great crew. so i think -- >> she said it right there. the dancing will be amazing. >> personalitywise, you are set. that is true. we have the pairings to come in just a little bit and go to
8:34 am
>> hey, i was going to use this that weather brought to you by and we have tgit news. you know it's fall when we start thanking goodness it is thursday. our thursday night blockbust ever lineup "grey's anatomy." "scandal," "how to get away with murder." there is shonda rhimes in the center of her cast for the first time and "entertainment weekly," "essence" and "people" are partnering to have a group photo and we'll reveal the package's members. tgit premieres thursday, september 24th. and we can't wait. those are such good shows. >> shondaland, such an empire right now.
8:35 am
a lot more ahead on "gma" and talk to new cast mechanism carter plus revealing the time stars for the dance floor. a real-life hero. [ cheers a join the millions who have already switched. we switched. and now, we're streaming netflix. who knew time warner cable's internet was so fast! mom switched. and now, we can watch our favorite shows together, on demand. i switched. so i can connect to the internet just about anywhere with my free twc wifi hotspots. join the millions who switched to time warner cable. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100meg internet, and hundreds of hd channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window.
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for a limited time, ddperks members can get any size dark roast coffee for 99 cents. ddperks. that's loyalty. america runs on dunkin'. go logo low now watch me whip now watch me nae nae can you do it ooh watch me ooh watch me watch me >> new season, new star, new surprises, "dancing with the stars" two-night premiere starting september 14th on abc. hey, guy, i'm sorry -- and girl, i'm sorry i can't be there with you. at "gma" in the morning but i'm here getting ready putting flex
8:38 am
a lot in my kneepads and getting my pants to sturdy so they can sweep around like seaweed if a beautiful tropical ocean and my dance shoes are very sturdy so that's what i'm doing but i'll see you all when we get to the dance floor and that's when the fun begins. >> that, of course, was a message from gary busey and made quite an entrance on jimmy kimmel last night where announced he's joining the cast. >> we still have one more cast member to reveal plus we're going to nick carter who will be with us from montana. >> very exciting. all things coming up, but, tom, will you do us the honors and reveal the supersecret star? >> yes, indeed. i found out about this late addition to our cast last night and thrilled to introduce him, one of three americans who took
8:39 am
down the terrorist on a train in paris. alek skarlatos. >> my goodness. >> alek, welcome, alek. welcome back. i feel like we just saw you? just when you thought it was safe to leave we asked to you come back. >> so what are all your bud dis that you served with in afghanistan think about you dancing? >> i don't even want to imagine honestly. >> you haven't talked to them. >> no. i don't know if they'll talk to me now but -- >> what do you think about dancing? >> huh? ? what do you think about dancing. >> i think it will be fun. i hope i learn a lot. i'll need to if i'm going to stay on very long. >> i was talking alek before the show. i understand you double as security which is great, doing a double bill for us. thrilled to have you here. >> do you have a signature move? no? he's going to develop one in the show, i'm sure he will. i feel strongly. i want to bring in now nick carter. he is live in montana right now
8:40 am
where he is actually shooting a movie right now. there he is. and, nick, you know, do you think you have an edge here with all of that backstreet boy training? >> oh, man, actually it could kind of be a disadvantage. i mean in some ways because people probably expect me to be a great dancer, you know, so -- and i believe that i'm a good dancer but it's a different type of dancing so i got my work cut out for me. >> nick, will your backstreet bros, will they be cheering you on during the whole dancing? >> absolutely. we all support each other and, you know, i'm going to need all the support i can get. >> i know there's a little pressure here because your brother aaron made it to the final five in "dancing with the stars," has he given you any tips answer do you plan on doing better than he did? >> my brother is going to try to give me as many tips as he can but i am the big brother, no,
8:41 am
you know, at the end of the day i'm open for anything and, you know, we'll just see what happens. >> nick, we are so happy that we got to speak with you this morning. good luck on the movie out there. tony dovolani. you're back, we love to see you. this is a huge season. what are you most excited about seeing this group now that you get them all in your eyesight. >> i'm excited about howdy verse our cast is. a little bit of everything so that's what makes "dancing with the stars" so special and i feel like everybody is going to have their own little journey getting to the finals hopefully if we get a good final which will be fun and hopefully i'm in it too. i'm just happy to still be relevant enough to dance. i'm the senior here, i get it but i'm having fun and, you know, "dancing with the stars" has been such a big part of my life and i'm just grateful that the fans still want me there. >> we definitely want you there. >> we're grateful you want to be here, tony. we have so much more "dancing with the stars" ahead. we're going to reveal the pro partners plus a huge surprise guest, wait for it, all coming
8:42 am
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is there someone in your town that goes above and beyond, a parent, a teacher, a neighbor. anyone in your community who helps and inspires others. well, if the answer is yes go to on yahoo! and let us know and we could help your whole town come out to thank them in a really big epic way live. this is going to be so good. "gma's" going above and beyond. hey, guy, i'm sorry i couldn't be there with you this morning. i'm out on tour right now. but save a spot for me because i will be there shaking my little booty. >> andy grammer. you know his song "honey i'm good" a message for all the "dancing with the stars" cast members here this morning. >> so we've revealed all 13 stars. now it's time to find out who their partners are going to be and amy is starting us off.
8:45 am
are dancing with the reigning pro champ, val. [ cheers and applause ] nick carter, you get to be larger than life with sharna. [ cheers and applause ] and chaka khan, we hope you feel for your partner. keo. [ cheers and applause ] all right. hayes grier and your millions of fans will watch you with emma. [ applause ] >> alexa penavega, we hope carlos won't get too jealous of mark. and carlos, are you ready to rush on to the dance floor with witney? [ cheers and applause ] >> tom, you have some more.
8:46 am
andy grammer, you're teamed up with allison holker and, honey, she's good. kim zolciak, time to get real with that fashion god, tony dovolani. [ applause ] and gary busey, you get to rave on with anna trebunskaya. [ cheers and applause ] >> mr. american pharoah, you can earn your next crown with karina. paula deen, where are you? flirting with someone else. paula, you will be cooking with louis. and alek, maybe your next dance hero can be lindsay. [ applause ] where are you? dancing for the mirror ball with
8:47 am
[ applause ] >> okay, bindi, you get derek hough and i know you met a baby alligator together. will we see wildlife in the routines. >> you never know what i'll bring on the dance floor. so i think he has to be very brave. he's an incredible person. i'm excited to work with him and i hear that he likes animals so i think we'll be off to a gait start. >> you're in very good hands. i want to talk to val. reigning champion. >> say what? >> reigning champ. i got you. >> thank you. >> val, what's your strategy for doing the whole repeat? >> oh, i -- you know, the chip is off the shoulder. i want to have fun. i want to create beautiful special moments for tamar, i'm excited. she has a beautiful personality and i just want to get started. >> we can't wait to see it. >> thank you. yeah. >> and, tom, i understand that you're introducing a special guest.
8:48 am
>> we have a very special guest. speaking of reigning champs she's taking time out of rehearsals for her broadway debut in "chicago," welcome last season's champion, rumer willis. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello there. you good? >> yes. >> you good? mwah. >> come over here. >> all right. i like the haircut. roxy. >> and, rum he will r, i know all of these folks are going for the mirror ball trophy. do you have one piece of advice for them as they start their journey. >> you know, i would say the biggest thing is these pros work so unbelievably hard and if you just listen to them, even if you don't want to, it will be much better for you, i promise. >> the pros are always right. >> i don't know about that. but you can definitely learn a lot from them.
8:49 am
they work hard and they're there to support you. >> they were all nodding their heads. how excited are you for your broadway debut. >> i'm really excited. i was in a walking boot for a little while. just got it off. when you do this, you guys, you will love dancing so much you don't want to stop. it's really incredible. >> when do you me prior in "chicago"? >> september 21st. >> are you calling on a lot of the moves that val taught you for roxy, your character. >> because it's rockiesxy, i have to basically relearn everything i learned. >> val too. >> and on social media you know val well. do you have any advice for tamar? >> i'm sure you'll hear this a lot but just straighten your back and you will be totally fine. >> okay. i'll keep that in mind. >> i want to hear from the pros. what do you guys want to say to your new partners as we --
8:50 am
>> did you hear what rumer just said? >> yes. >> listen for your schedule. >> yes. >> we need all the time we can get. >> no pressure. no pressure. >> who is the most nervous? raise your hand, who is freaking out? >> everybody. >> chaka, she's ready. >> you got a great season. >> can't wait to see everybody in the ballroom. >> we can't either. thanks to all of you, of course, the new season of "dancing with the stars" premieres on december
8:51 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart. inspired by pets. [ cheers and applause ] a big thank you to wheels up for flying so many of our contestants here. >> and a big thank you to tom bergeron, the dancers, the whole new cast of "dancing with the stars" and they're going to take your questions all morning long. head to our website, on yahoo! to watch live after-party. >> party being the operative word. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
we wish you all the best. good morning, wednesday, september 2nd. breaking news right now. no service in or out of penn station and we have new
8:55 am
the dreadful day is taking a toll on the commuters. look at this. huge crowds on the platform waiting on the e train going nowhere any time soon. you can see people trying to get down the stairs to get off the dangerously packed platform. >> here is a photo tweeted out. serious delays as you can see. folks are having a terrible time trying to get to work. heather o'rourke, is there any relief? what is the latest? >> no relief. they are going to be dealing with signal problems because of the power issues. long island railroad continues to be suspended in and out of penn station. westbound trains will terminate at jamaica or woodside. some trains are diverted into atlantic terminal. we have issues if you are going with your subways. subways running cross honoring 2, 3, 7 and e trains but you will find crowding. we got a tweet from someone saying they left long beach penn station two hours later still stuck in queens. alternate side of the street
8:56 am
parking rules in effect. >> meteorologist amy freeze is in for bill with the forecast. >> not the headache with weather but we continue with the second official heat wave of the summer. humid. tomorrow looking for low 90s. heat. a cold front late thursday night will allow for a more refreshing air mass. friday 84. saturday 82. then the heat and humidity building back in for sunday and monday. a big labor day weather forecast. that's it, ken. >> that's the news for now. "live with kelly and michael"
8:57 am
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